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  • 8/21/2014

    Life After Officiating – Consider Game Management

    by Ken Devoe


    Chances are you began officiating to stay involved in a sport you love long after your playing days were over. But some day, due to age, injury or family obligations, the time may come when officiating is no longer practical or possible.

    Yet your passion remains for the sport, for the excitement of the games, the camaraderie of fellow officials, and for the challenges that accompany the opportunities for you to contribute.

    Many former officials have found a satisfying, rewarding outlet for that passion – operating game clocks, shot clocks and scoreboards, keeping the scorebook and other duties that fall under the umbrella of “table/game management.”

  • 8/21/2014


    By Gary Whelchel

    Like dominos falling in unison;

    It is the lining up a cache of items that assist in reaching an ultimate goal,

    The BIG Dream.

    Then watching them tumble together to reach the destinations;

    First varsity contest,

    Tournament consideration,

    Tournament games,

    That championship high school game assignment,

    Then moving on up the ladder to the next level.


  • 8/21/2014

    An Observation From the Stands

    By Randy Jobe M.S. Indiana University Sports Fitness


    Last fall, as I was spending my Friday night at a local high school football game I was concerned about the physical fitness of at least one of the referees that night. I was only judging the physical appearance of this referee by his belt line. There was no doubt this referee would be considered obese.

    I was only aware of his obesity while he was marching off a 5-yard penalty and bending over to place the ball back to the field of play. I never noticed nor did I key on that referee the rest of the game, not purposely or intently as he “blended” into the game without further notice.

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