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  • 6/2/2014


    By Gary Whelchel

    Whether they are "old wives tales", traditions handed down, bad advice, or just plain lies, thoughts and ideas that hold no validity in the officiating world have a tendency to keep presenting themselves. And, unfortunately, smart officials many times believe dumb things. For example:


    ·                     I can make up rules to get out of a problem. Ignorance is not knowing while stupidity is being ignorant twice. Ignorance may be a viable excuse for the brand new official just starting out and trying to manage all the rules in his/her mind; but there is no excuse for stupidity as per the above definition. In actuality, making up a rule to avoid an issue magnifies that official’s lack of rule knowledge and also brings into question ethics and integrity. When officials stay in the book, they stand on solid ground. Officials who make rulings based on the rules as written are extremely easy for supervisors and assigners to defend.

  • 6/2/2014

    Preparing your Championship Officiating Team for Track and Field

    By Rus Schreckenghost

    The task of assembling and preparing a complete team of track and field officials for a championship event is a very daunting experience and needs to be implemented during previous years and maintained throughout the entire current season. The preparation that goes into the team of officials will determine the efficiency, safety of athletes and accuracy of that meet. It is similar to that of the school teams that qualify for the championships. Just as the coach prepares the athletes, the meet director (and meet referee) prepares the officials. This preparation is never ending and needs to be visited quite often for updates and modifications. The following are a few points to consider when a big meet is approaching.

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