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  • 3/17/2016

    Different Strokes for Swimming & Diving Officials

    In most sports, officials and athletes share the same competition area within the playing boundaries. That arrangement wouldn’t hold water in swimming and diving, where it’s all hands – and eyes and feet – on deck for those calling the action in the pool. Different strokes for different officials, as they say.

    That might be the most overt difference between swimming and diving officials and those in other sports, but there are other differences to be considered for those interested in joining the ranks on deck. One difference involves the scope and purpose of the competition in a sport which is largely individual in nature.

  • 3/17/2016

     Shine Your Image

     Have you been in the locker room with an official that said, “Why do I need to shine my shoes? They are just going to get scuffed and dirty.”

    He or she just doesn’t get it. It isn’t the shined shoes that a coach or fan notices, it is the attention to detail that stands out.

         In football, it is irritating to walk out onto a muddy field with shoes shined and all equipment looking neat only to have that shine be gone in a matter of seconds. However, the shine on your image will remain.

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