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  • 10/23/2017

    MHSAA’s “Be the Referee” Program Promotes the Correct Call

    --Rob Kaminski


    Officials in any sport can recite at least a handful of common refrains they’ll hear from the stands and team bench area during any given scholastic contest.

    “That’s uncatchable.” “Three seconds.” “That’s a balk.” “Offside.” “Carry.” The people voicing those opinions – spectators and coaches -- are rarely correct.

    Contest officials dedicate much time off the field each season to learn the rules, review video, and understand the application of the rules. Parents, players, fans and – yes – coaches, rarely do.

    In an effort to educate the general public on rules nuances and gain a more positive understanding of the role officials play in interscholastic sports, the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) launched Be The Referee, a one-minute radio segment that first aired in August 2014. The initiative is going strong now in its third school year.

  • 10/23/2017


    Some officials consider “advancement” strictly in terms of going from a lower to a higher level – striving for the striped brass ring of officiating competition at the highest levels, with the right stuff along the way they progress to their ultimate goal. These ever-improving fellow officials deserve the awe and admiration of both their peers and those cohorts looking up from the lower levels. From them there is a lot to learn. They have a lot to show and share.

  • 10/23/2017

    Identity Theft –
    A potential problem for sports officials

    By Ken Devoe

    For years, high school sports officials have routinely put some of their important, confidential, personal information at risk – and not by choice. It happens at a game site where the official is required to fill out a form – including name, address, phone number and, most critically, Social Security Number – to be paid for the game. That form might sit on a scorer’s table or in some other unsecured area where anyone might see the information contained on it, putting that information at risk of being stolen.

    While many schools have taken measures to secure officials’ information, such practices vary considerably in effectiveness. More troublesome are the schools that still have taken no additional security measures.

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