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  • 3/25/2015


    Rob Kaminski

    The group of approximately 50 officials from the Capital Area Officials Association (CAOA) in Lansing, Michigan, watched the same high school football play repeatedly for nearly a half hour at one of its regular Monday meetings.

    There was spirited discussion as to whether the play resulted in a touchdown or fumble. Opinions flowed as to how their fellow officials – some of whom were also in the room that night – might have positioned themselves differently, focused on keys differently, reacted differently.

    And, at the end of nearly 30 minutes, no definitive conclusion was reached.

  • 3/25/2015

    Exercise Prescription for the sports official

    By Randy Jobe M.S. Sports Fitness Indiana University


    As a fitness professional, I am very concerned about the physical wellness of officials. There are several reasons why good physical fitness is important.

    In addition to heart disease and other ailments, the cost it takes to manage disease is high. Prevention is far more affordable, but it takes great effort to stay with a regular exercise program. There are numerous reasons why Americans should engage in a regular exercise program and the reason I exercise and prescribe exercise to all ages is to have a high quality of life.

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