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  • 2/16/2017


    By Tim Leighton

    It is a moment of dread that no official wants to face.

    You, or another member of your crew, has just made a mistake while officiating a contest. The angst quickly builds as you assess the play where a misapplication of the rules or a miscalculation in judgement were used.

    A byproduct of such an occurrence is what follows: the wrath of a coach or an emotion-filled reaction from players. You know it is coming, but how does an official deal with it? Where is that magic point where you allow a coach or player to fume, yet make sure the backlash doesn’t carry over into a violation of the rules?

    “Managing emotions and maintaining a high level of game decorum are two major keys in these situations,” said Bryan Kemnetz, a 27-year high school official from Stillwater, Minn. “There are limits to them being upset or frustrated. We have to reel in emotions during these tense times.”

  • 2/16/2017

    Healthy Lifestyles

    “Your Feet are Your Friends – Take Care of Them”

    By Dr. Dan Davis


                                                                                                                                                                                No matter how well you know the rules and how good your ability to make proper rulings, if you can’t run well, your officiating performance will be compromised. How your feet feel has a huge impact on whether you can run well. Every time you take a step, you put a force equivalent to one and a half times your body weight on your feet. When you run, that force increases from four to six times your body weight – and could be as much as eight times your body weight if you’re running fast. That’s a lot of force your feet must be able to absorb, and you want to be able to do so without pain, irritation or injury. So, taking care of your feet is essential to your ability to officiate.

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