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  • 3/19/2014

    Learning the Hard Way How to do it the Right Way

    By Joshua Anderson

    Beginning my career in officiating at the age of 15, I was provided an advantage few others were afforded: the mentorship of an 11-year veteran official, my father.

    When he wasn't busy studying, he'd pester me about shining my shoes. At any given moment during a game, he'd inexhaustibly find the time to growl, "Tuck that flag in!" if he saw even a millimeter of yellow surreptitiously peeking out of my pocket. And it would be a fool's errand to attempt to count the times he not-so-patiently railed me on our journeys home for booting an obvious call or carrying myself on the field as if I were the reason the game occurred. "If you think you're ever going to get on a varsity crew with the way you act, you're sorely mistaken."

  • 3/19/2014

    An Alaskan Officiating Experience

    By Julie Weber

    Walking into most high school gyms for volleyball officials is nothing out of the extraordinary until you are lucky enough to get a phone call or an email asking you to officiate a “Mixed 6” (co-ed volleyball for schools with enrollment of less than 50) or small-school volleyball match (girls volleyball for schools with enrollment less than 100). Most teams in Alaska that play Mixed 6 or small-school volleyball are schools that have less than 400 students in the total school-- cumulative of elementary, middle school and high school. Most of these schools are off the road system and hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles away. Packing is much more than the usual black pants, white polo shirt and required gear. Since Mixed 6 and small-school volleyball is in the winter, you will need to pack long johns, and/or dry fit to help you stay warm - maybe.

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