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Welcome to the NFHS Central Hub

Friday, July 01, 2016
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Welcome to the NFHS Central Hub -- dedicated entirely to members of the NFHS Officials Association. The NFHS is committed to using this site to deliver the most current online resources available to assist you in your season and your career.   

Here are some of the outstanding features of the website:

Content: On the NFHS Central Hub page you will find important NFHS Officials Association membership information, officiating/sport news, general rules information, access to the online NFHS Officials Quarterly, general video offerings and more. 

Sports: On the right side of the NFHS Central Hub, you will find links to all the sports in which the NFHS writes playing rules. Here you can go directly to a sport and find specific information about that sport, including publications, rules information, resources, video offerings and more.

Video: The NFHS Central Hub and each sport hub includes one of the most powerful and technologically advanced online video delivery tools currently available. All NFHS Officials Association members have the ability to view and download plays from across the country.

Publications: This area provides access to NFHS publications available in each sport. Rules and case books link directly to a robust searchable database of rules and play situations. Officiating manuals and handbooks are accessible if published in a given sport.

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