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Thursday, June 28, 2012
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“ArbiterSports is the undisputed leader in the field of internet based services to contest officials, schools and assigners.  The IHSAA member schools and Association office continue to enjoy the benefits and efficiencies of the product.  Since making the commitment to use ArbiterSports, the IHSAA has dramatically improved its service to member schools and contest officials and we look forward to future enhancements and new tools to continue our assistance to the membership.”
Bobby Cox, Commissioner, Indiana High School Athletic Association

"The national football officiating community benefits in very many ways through our interaction with ArbiterSports.  Virtually every college football official in the country regularly logs on to the website that Arbiter manages and supports with advanced technology.  This continues to play a major role in the training of officials, who all see the same video and read the same materials, helping us to achieve nation-wide consistency on the field and in the replay booth.  My own experience in working directly with the folks at Arbiter has been simply terrific.  The staff and leadership are highly competent, knowledgeable, creative and very easy to work with.  College football officiating would be severely hampered without the skills and creativity of ArbiterSports.”
Rogers Redding, NCAA National Coordinator of College Football Officials

“I am writing to express my appreciation to ArbiterSports for the many years we have been a valued customer. We have appreciated the relationship for over 20 years as a State Association and the value you have brought to our organization. We are mostly excited for the last few years as you have developed additional programs that have benefited our group such as online registration, RefPay, online rules clinics and perfecting the assigning process for our officials. Your staff has been great to work with always available and involved in any need we have.  We look forward to many years of a great working relationship.”
Mike Petty, Supervisor of Officials, Utah High School Activities Association

“Just a short note to let you know how much value ArbiterSports has contributed to the success of the officiating programs I assign, namely the Pac-12 women, the West Coast Conference and NCAA Tournament West Region matches. The software makes it easy to see which officials are available, whether they have worked a prior game or upcoming game with either team, or have a conflict with any other Arbiter-assigned match on the same date.  In addition, I am very satisfied with the availability of the ArbiterSports Support staff as well as their in-depth knowledge and ability to resolve any issues I have.  I am very satisfied with the product, and recommend it strongly to those working in the assignment and management of officials.”
Sandra Hunt, Soccer Officiating Coordinator, PAC-12 Women and West Coast Conference

“We used RefPay to pay our officials for the first time last year. The system helped streamline our entire operation by allowing us to be 100% accurate in payments along with saving us hours of administrative time each month. Our coaches love the new official’s evaluation system that ArbiterSports has created. The system is built for coaches to easily complete evaluations and also provides valuable assessment tools for assigners and administrators.”
Dan McKane, Executive Director, Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference

"As someone who was slow arriving into the world of technology as it relates to officiating, I'm not sure I could do my job today without ArbiterSports.  With over 800 college umpires and 300+ colleges and universities to serve, ArbiterSports has made it possible for me to manage assigning, evaluation processes and, in many cases, payroll for our schools and umpires.  Having ArbiterSports host our own CBUA Central Hub to disseminate information to our membership has been an added bonus.  I have been extremely pleased with the customer service and very impressed with the leadership team at ArbiterSports."  
Rich Fetchiet, Big 10 Umpire Coordinator, Big 12 Umpire Coordinator

“As an NCAA Division I umpire and assigner for college baseball, the ArbiterSports web site has made assigning and organizing your schedule very time effective and efficient.  ArbiterSports has put officiating on the next level.  This by far is the best tool the NCAA has offered the umpiring community.”
Chris Coskey, NCAA College World Series Umpire, Division I and II Baseball Assigner

“When I took the job as Commissioner three years ago, one of the things that stood out as a need for improvement for our conference was how we were assigning and paying officials.  ArbiterOne and RefPay have been the perfect solution for us.  RefPay is tremendous.  It allows us to pay officials in literally minutes.  The officials get their money quicker, we have a better record of payment and the system saves us lots of staff time that was being spent printing checks and stuffing envelopes.  ArbiterOne is equally helpful.  All of our sports except one use the system to assign officials and in every case we feel it has not only helped our officials and assignors, but also given us better record keeping and tracking of assignments.  The system also allows a great check and balance for assignments, because our coaches and administrators love being able to make sure that game times and assignments are correct as they head into their game weeks.  We could not be more pleased with ArbiterOne or RefPay.  We love the products and whatever minimal issues or questions we have ever had have been addressed very quickly and easily by the ArbiterSports staff.”
Jay Jones, Division II Commissioner

“My introduction to ArbiterSports came three years ago when the service provider I was using suddenly went out of business.  Arbiter staff stepped in and helped me transition my assigning so I could take care of my DIII men's basketball account without interruption.  I then added two DI Men's Basketball Conferences to my responsibilities and now use Arbiter for all three.  I added RefPay for the DIII Conference last year and had such great success that I will be using RefPay for my DI Conferences this year as well.  With the educational products on the NCAA Men's Basketball Central Hub and the assigning and payment products Arbiter truly has the one-stop premier solution for Coordinators and officials.  The products, staff and their customer service are outstanding.”
Mike Wood, Coordinator of Officials, Peach Belt, Southern and Sun Belt Conferences

“Given the technology advances that have improved officiating overall, ArbiterSports plays a significant role.  As an FBS and FCS level coordinator, dealing with nearly 150 officials, assigning for 21 colleges, and managing approximately 1500 assignments a season, ArbiterSports provides me a technical capability second to none.  They function as a highly interactive partner and always ‘listen’ and ‘lead.’  Their positive operational impact drives the national communication capabilities for distribution of information and video...and everyone involved benefits.  They support the CFO, LLC mandate of improving officiating by greater consistency, uniformity and clarifying relevant issues.”
R. Douglas Rhoads, Coordinator of Football Officiating, ACC

“In the eight years that I have served the NJSIAA, one of the best things that have happened for us and the nearly 10,000 officials in New Jersey that officiate high school sports is our relationship with ArbiterSports.  New Jersey is one of three or four states that utilize nearly all of the features and services provided by ArbiterSports, from the registration of officials, the assigning, the testing and even paying of our state tournament officials.  We are hooked on ArbiterSports. NJSIAA also uses the Central Hub feature of ArbiterSports for posting meeting sites and dates and hopefully in the future will post video or our sporting events as informational and training aids for our officials.  With that said, the best thing that I can say is that the personal service that I have received whenever I have called or emails is by far the best in the business, even with the fact that I am located on the East Coast, 2 hours ahead of Utah time.  I have always gotten a person, not a recording, when I have called.   Troubleshooting problems are taken care of the very same day that I have sent emails.   You can’t beat that.  Simply put, when we had the choice of several companies that are in this line of work, we choose the Arbiter, now ArbiterSports, and it is the best choice we could have made.”
Larry White, Assistant Director, New Jersey Interscholastic Athletic Association

“The NCAA Men's Basketball Officiating website, that ArbiterSports manages for us, is the single most valuable tool I have for communicating with the men's basketball officiating community.  The Central Hub postings are immediate and provide a platform where the NCAA staff and I can communicate with over 2,100 officials on a variety of important topics including monitoring trends in how the game is being played, rules interpretations, and perhaps most importantly, using the video instructional bulletin feature to educate officials on how best to recognize recurring plays in our game and how to officiate them, especially if they result in fouls or violations.  Before we had an officiating web site, the NCAA and National Coordinator would have to rely on emails, letters or conference calls to manage our continuing education process.  Those means of communication took time to set up and we ran the risk of "losing something in the translation" as the officiating coordinators passed along the information to the officials they managed.  Our officiating website provides a single point of contact and has dramatically helped us meet our goal of “calling the same play, the same way” from coast to coast, throughout the three divisions of men’s college basketball.”
John W. Adams, NCAA Men’s Basketball Officiating Coordinator

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